Thursday, March 28, 2013

So, I'm Making Some Changes

With our departure to NZ becoming ever closer I have decided to start making some of the changes to my life now that I want in place when we're out there.

These include being self sufficient and living as healthy as we can do.  And so when the sugar ran out yesterday (and I mean ALL of it) I decided to stop taking sugar with my tea.  Now I'm a man who takes 6 sugars with a drink at the services (there's no way a teaspoon of sugar in those sachets which thats truly boils my piss but thats another post!) so I wasn't expecting it to be easy but 24 hours later I'm converted.  It's a small step, but bigger ones are coming!

Also today, I collected Alfie's new bike!  Our friend Steve (THANKS STEVE!!) built it recently and offered it to us and Larry collected it from him for me at the Volksworld show on the weekend (THANKS LARRY!!).  Cannot wait to see Alfie on it.... that's if he can get on it!

Today was day at home with Essie day so here's a photo of her too!

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