Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back In Black

Whilst the Benz has been testing my patience recently (in fairness, its the cost of Mercedes parts as opposed to the car itself) today I had a real positive car moment.

With the additional free time I'm now managing to find, I am slowly managing to get a lot of boxes ticked that I have been aiming at for some time. Today Alfie and I managed to make the trip down to Romford to see how my bug was doing, and sort out the final details with the bodyshop.

Those of you who watch F1 might remember Jake Humphrey entering a race driving an Elise last year? Well his car was prepared and provided by Essex Motorsort (previously Sinclairs of London), and its those guys who did the metal work and paint .... some four years ago! I gotta say, I was totally blown away by how the paint looked, and how well the car had been looked after. Not a scratch or ding in sight, and the black is an awesome mirror finish. Now just to sort out where its going to go to ....

And on that note, Tash and I have started planning our new garage/barn extension which will home all our toys. There's a guy on Retro Rides who does these things for a living and is helping me plan it out, and having drawn him a very rough diagram on Google Maps it appears my garage may actually be larger than the neighbours house! Awesome!

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