Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Run To The Beat 2010

And onto Sunday, and the hell that was 17,000 competitors (plus crowd) all trying to get the O2 arena while Transport For London did their best to ensure that the last thing they provided was transport! A 5:30am start ensured we were there for the 9:30am start .... however with the Jubilee line casually rolling up a train every 15 minutes its no surprise not everyone arrived and the race was delayed.

The term "packed in like animals" now has new meaning, as once we arrived at Oxford Circus we were joined in our transport pen by "Horny Mike" .... dressed in full Rhino costume!

Anyway, heres Tash pre race looking quite fresh and enthusiastic.

The race went for 13 miles, and passed numerous stages with live bands playing. This was the one at the O2.

It was blowing a gale, and not a very nice day, so after wandering around the empty O2 and checking out a band I asked Alfie if he wanted to keep wandering. He wasn't impressed.

So Alfie and I decided to head for cover ... in the shape of the nearest pub! His food couldn't come quick enough, and he was eyes everywhere until it arrived!

We had a lovely lunch, and managed to get into place just in time to see Tash dash past on her way to the finish line. She completed the time in 2hr25, which was an amazing achievement. It was also the same time it took us to get out of North Greenwich after the race had finished!

We reached Kings Cross at about 6pm (4hrs to do North Greenwich to Kings Cross!) to catch up with our good pal Rach who was over from Oz.

A few weeks back, before we knew she was coming, I had asked her if she could track me down a Rex Hunt Fishing baseball cap. Bill has one, ive worn it the last two times when on the boat, and caught 'dinner fish' both times. I decided I needed a lucky cap of my own!! Apparently they no longer make them, but she managed to get them to find one for me and even have the great man sign it! Awesome, thanks Rach!!

I foolishly took no photos, but we had a lovely afternoon/evening together, and can't wait till she's next back over in the UK around Christmas time.

Now I need to go fishing to see if my cap is as lucky for me as Bill's one is!

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