Sunday, September 05, 2010

We appear to have lost 12 months!?

Those of you who read Tash's blogs will no doubt have noticed that Maybe Diaries gets updated very regularly, yet nothing has been heard of from FTC for quite a while.

Well, seeing as im the stay at home Dad im going to try and take over responsibility for this blog and keep it updated with everything that happens here at FTC!

So, as i try to get used to this blogging malarkey, heres a quick re-cap for the past months that we've missed.

October 2009. We spent pretty much all month like this. I don't remember anything else but trips to Lister Hospital, and listening to lots of Seasick Steve.

November 2009. Alfie finally made his appearance!

December 2009. We spent Alfie's first Christmas in Gibraltar.

January 2010. The first few weeks were spent in Gib, before Tash returned to work. We enjoyed some sunshine while the news channels all told us how England was at a standstill due to huge amounts of snowfall.

February 2010. I turned 30! Villa played at Wembley for the Carling Cup Final on my birthday ... the result ensuring my 30th was a very forgettable one! The snow had finally thawed, yet with the weather still cold Alfie and I enjoyed a good few mornings tucked up in bed!

March 2010. Having time at home i decided it would be a year to finally sort the garden, and actually grow some stuff. I got to work, and started with a massive clearup, planted loads of seeds, and started to build some raised beds!

April 2010. Show season began and we all went to Wheels Day. I also had another trip to Wembley to watch Villa get beat, and continued with sorting the garden. And after about 5 years since it was started, i finally got my Pin-Up Girl Tattoo coloured in!

May 2010. May was lovely. I remember many sunny days. I don't remember much of what i got up to though. I know work continued in the garden, i built up a centre 'island' raised bed, and the first plants got planted out. By now Bill had bought a boat, and in May it was moved to his Dads boatyards in Brightlingsea. We went to spend a weekend sanding down, and generally admiring what a cool place the boatyard is!

June 2010. Having asked many months in advance, on the eve of the weekend my friend Barney managed to get together 2 tickets for the MotoGP including full paddock passes! Alfie loved it! And Bill decided to abandon rebuilding his boat 'Grumpy', and bought a fully seaworthy fishing vessel ... named "Four Boys". He certainly didn't buy it based on the name! Of course, that meant we went fishing!!

July 2010. We took our first proper family holiday with our friends James and Michelle, and we made the trip across the channel to France to enjoy Le Mans Classic. It was fantastic, and Alfie had an amazing time!

August 2010. August was crazy. The build up to the Gathering was mental, and i think we were all pleased to get the show over and done. It went fantastically well though, and i'm very excited about 2011! With the show over and done with I was determined to get some time working on the bus, and so on the bank holiday weekend Tash went away with Alfie so Bill and I could have some 'metal time'! As you can see from the picture, we chopped lots more metal out, but at least you can see how it will go back together.

And that brings us about up to date. I know there's loads i've probably missed out, but i'll try and keep it regularly updated from now on!

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