Wednesday, September 29, 2010

National Finals 2010

And, so the weekend came ... and with it the arrival of Tasha's first half marathon experience! However, before then, on Saturday we decided to head up to Santa Pod for the National Finals. Maybe Tash wanted some funny gas fueled fun before the pounding pain of running 13 miles?

It was quite appropriate that we went, as 2009's National Finals was the last time we went to Santa Pod before Alfie arrived. He seemed to like it then, kicking Tash about like a lunatic, and he sure loved it this time round too! Check out that grin!

It was lovely so see a load of friends once more, and spend some time up and down the pit lane. Ammie has the digital SLR at the moment, so I was playing with the settings on my camcorder. I love this photo, it kinda looks like Alfie has just rolled past Tash up the fire up road as she watched the competitors come past.

I loved this Slingshot!

Can you go wrong with Coke Bottle curves??

One of the great things about the Pod is how close you can get to the teams. These guys were spannering double quick time to get a Top Fuel Funny car turned around for its next qualification run ... and I loved the little service cart they had made!

We sat in the grandstand for a while and watched some racing, and Alfie has a brilliant time!

I think they call this chassic twist!

But eventually we had to go home. Alfie was unimpressed.

Big thanks to Abi and Andrew for inviting us, and letting Alfie run riot within their caravan!

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