Friday, September 24, 2010

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait.

And by "good things" I mean specifically a MoT for the Mighty Benz.

I knew the MoT was due (this was a few weeks back), and I knew that it needed CV boots up front. Turns out, that being 4WD, gave Mercedes a suitable excuse to add yet another extra percentage to their already usually strong pricing structure.

I kid you not. Front inner CV boots (yes, just the boots) for a 1990 300TE 4matic costs ..... £140+vat EACH! And so the Benz spent the past two week much like this.

Alfie was a dream (you can see him in the Buggy next to the Benz) and usually allowed me an hour a day to search for alternative solutions ... and often discover yet another tool that I needed and didn't yet own.

Still, I managed to get a set of CV boots stretched into place and I think they're gonna do me a turn. Thankfully, done just in time before the weather turns.

I feel like my life's been on hold while I've been sorting this out, and now I'm gonna play a bit of catchup. Tomorrow we should be off to the Pod, and then next week is gonna be crazy.

The sofa was vacated from the barn this week too (thanks Dawn and Dale) so if I can find time for a quick reorganise then I should be ready to start the next project ...

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