Friday, September 17, 2010

Home Is Where You Park It.

I have long loved the idea of travelling in a vehicle, seeing the sights of the world, and the general feeling of complete freedom that must come with not being tied down. Part of it is Uncles fault, bottles of Magno and talk of land in Spain.

Tash and I had wanted to do some travelling of our own when Alfie arrived, but sadly it became very clear the bus would not be ready to make the 1200 mile journey down to Gibraltar by the time he arrived. Work on it continues, and we hope to be able to make fantastic use of it next summer to show Alfie some sights, but anyway ......

It is with thoughts like this in my mind that something on Retro Rides totally blew me away! I spotted this thread in the Readers Rides section, the word "housetruck" in the title immediately grabbing my attention. I don't want to spoil anything because I really hope you will read this thread ... this guys work, his attitude, and what he is doing, is just totally awesome! It really is a housetruck, not a campervan. In fairness it actually puts many peoples homes to shame, and is bigger than most flats!

As a teaser, this is the 1985 Hino he started with ... now go make a cup of coffee, click the link, and enjoy the next 30 minutes of reading ....

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