Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Christening, A Cruise, and Some Chaos

Had one of those special little moments with Alfie this morning.  We fixed his 'scoot' bike together and he loved helping wield an 8mm spanner, grease the cable and pump up the tyres.  All this means he'll leave his little blue 'bike' to Esme and now ride the repaired yellow 'big boys' scoot.   We went for a quick ride and boy did he adjust to the narrow tyres and faster speeds quickly!  Just a shame I didn't have a picture taking device with me. 

Meanwhile,  Esme was torturing Harry, no change there!  Seriously though, they are so sweet together.

The afternoon was spent attending our friends little girl, Felicity Rose Booth, Christening in Stotfold.  It was a lovely afternoon yet for some reason I seem to have failed at picture taking again. 

Apart from that it was highlighted that I currently look somewhat like Rolf Harris.  What amazing friends I must have!!

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