Sunday, January 06, 2013

Catching Cod

Having made the trip to Chelmsford last night I made the most of a promising forecast and spent the new night at Bill's so we could head out for a fish today.

Less than four hours sleep, but we were up at 4am to be Brightlingsea bound.  The chug out was truly gorgeous today.  A starry morning with a gorgeous clear sky, followed by a gentle sunrise slowly illuminating the way ahead.  I found it really magical, and I had to stop for a moment just to take it in.  It was one of those moments you could happily have sat down with your favourite tipple and the person you love and just watched the world do its thing around you.

We didn't have time for that though,  we had a 90 minute journey to get through to reach a wreck we had spotted on Bill's charts just a few hours earlier back at his house in Maldon.

It proved to be a wise choice too.  We had one of our best days fishing, and even being totally outfished by Bill couldn't take the shine off things.  There was a point where he was struggling to keep two baits in the water and we must have caught over 20 fish - the vast majority of those falling to his rods. 

Not to worry though, the freezer is now full of cod and next time it'll be a different story!

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