Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Do Everything

Today we had to pay a visit to Addenbrooks hospital.  Tash had a booking in appointment at the maternity department,  which means they'll be our nominated hospital this time.

My friend Simon, who was on the Bake Off with me, was also at the hospital today so it was a nice chance for us to catch up.   He's there as his lad, Deryn, is currently being treated for two cancers!  One being Acute Leukaemia,  the other being something rare as hell and as a result the name escapes me.  Check out their website at to learn all about Deryn's fight.

We took him the Lego Monster Fighters Vampyre Hearse which hopefully will pass some of the many hours he has to kill each day.  It's the one I wanted for Christmas -but no one got for me- and so I can't wait to see it built when we return next week for Tashas next appointment.

I did come away with something new though, one of these awesome wristbands!  You too could look as cool as me, just get onto the website at

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