Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Take a Walk On The Wild Side

A daily blog entry shall prove to be an absolute walk in the park if every day of 2013 goes like today!  A planned visit to London was shelved due to engineering works (and specifically the resulting replacement bus service) and so we settled on a day out to Woburn Safari Park. 

We chose to live life on the edge, tip toeing the fine line between a wonderful day and a complete horror of a days entertainment.  In short, I would advise not entering a wildlife park just as your fuel reserve light glows with all its brightness on your dash.

But the weather was pleasant, the sun shone, the Benz kept chuggin' and we had a ball.  Highlight of the day taking place in the Walk Through Australia enclose and going something like this;

Alfie: Oh no! Sticky mud.
Alfie looks down with despair at his now muddy shoe.
Tash: No Alfie, thats poo!

All my photos from the day can be found here.

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