Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Esme - A Mischief!

Tuesday's are fast becoming my favourite day of the week.  Alfie goes to school, and whereas on Thursday's I usually have a load of jobs to do, on Tuesdays I don't.

This means I get time with Esme for us to just 'be'.  I love watching her play and seeing how different she is on her own compared to when Alfie's about.  I swear she tries to test my patience at ever opportunity though and seems to spend a lot of time at the moment darting from one corner of our lounge to the other jingling bottles of spirits or throwing paperwork about at each respective destination- and after each action turning round to check I'm looking!  She has such a wonderful grin though, I just have to laugh.  And before anyone says anything I too think she'll turn 18 and have the word 'Daddy' tattooed scrolling her pinkie!

Tuesday also means a nice long walk with Harry, which is something that doesn't happen enough these days - even if it is bloody chilly out there in the fields!

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