Thursday, January 17, 2013

Don't Rely On A Nap!

Slow day today.  Alfie was at school.  I kept Essie awake on the way home thinking she nap when we got home.  She had other ideas. So I got lunch ready, thinking she'd nap after food.  Again she had other ideas.  Eventually she was beyond tired and I was trying to keep her awake as it was getting close to the time I'd need to leave to collect Alfie.  Seconds after leaving the house she was counting sheep.

Our final xmas present arrived today, Claire and Jody has a fantastic 2013 calendar made for us that's full of photos of our adventures together last year.  It includes the best photo of Essie ever!  The hair may have grown but she definitely hasn't lost that ability to growl at people through an expression!

In other news, seems we're gonna be progressing slowly with Nino for a while.  It looks like a regs change is going to result in some alternations to the floor of the chassis being required.

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