Thursday, May 16, 2013

17 Sleeps To Go

Jeez, I cannot believe how excited I am to go to the TT this year.

The Isle of Man for bikes and Bonneville for cars are the two places that hold something so special for me.  Proper hallowed ground, the stuff of legends, proper man and machine without the corporate bullshit.

Everytime I see The Worlds Fastest Indian my stomach does butterflies when he reaches Bonneville.  I know one day I too will go, and Im sure I'll have a bit of a moment to myself.

I feared the TT would never happen though.  But it will this year, we're going for the day on Monday the 3rd June.

Yesterday the offical programme arrived.  As I read through the spectators guide I could hear the Manx Radio commentators - who i have listened to avidly for so many years - naming the corners as I read my way around the course.  It properly gave me butteflies, brought a lump to my throat even.  God knows what I'm gonna be like on that Monday!

I just pray for a dry day!!

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