Saturday, May 04, 2013

Celebrate With Cake

After a somewhat testing day with two under the weather kids the sun really did shine as the day neared its end.

I got a lovely emotional phone call from Tash who received an email from our case officer.  In short the message thanked her for her hard work in supplying extra evidence and having reviewed our application again they have reinstated our missing 5 points.  All that means we have the 140 we need for our Visa!  Tash now has a phone interview to go through with our Case Officer and then they make their decision.  Nothing is definite yet but I certainly feel like we've cleared the largest hurdle.

I had a little blast on the bike in the evening and was overjoyed to see my oil pressure warning light and water temp gauge working perfectly.  Just need to replace the sender in the low fuel warning light and my dash will be back to working as it should.

And so with such good news we had cake.  Following my random desire for cupcakes last weekend I now fancied a Victoria Sponge.  It's the first one I've ever made, and it is mighty tasty!

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