Monday, May 13, 2013

Stotfold Steam Fair 2013

And so onto Sunday.  Stotfold Steam Fair.  One of those days where you arrange to meet loads of people, end up getting pulled all over the place, and finish up feeling like you didn't really get to speak properly with anyone.

That is except for Larry & Kelly.  The rain fell about 3pm, the families (including mine) departed for home, and so we took cover in the beer tent.

We've been going to the steam fair for a number of years now, and every year Dave and I head to the coconut shy ... and every year I come home with a coconut.  A record I'm pleased to say I kept up again in 2013.

My pictures from the day are here.  Dan's face is not only indicative of his thoughts on riding a plane that didn't go up, but also my range of photos! 

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