Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Force India At The Airstrip

 Its funny the way things happen life.  I found out about F1 testing at Duxford the other day, the next date which I thought was Friday.  Turns out it was today, which also happened to be the day Tash had a hospital appointment at Addenbrokes and so meant she could drop us off whilst she saw the midwife.

Alfie and Esme really do seem to love motor sport and planes and with a sunny afternoon on the forecast it seemed like it could be the perfect place to kill a few hours.

I can remember F1 from as far back as 1988, and back then Ayrton Senna was king.  Widely regarded as the greatest of all time.  Kinda odd that the first time I get to see a F1 car move in anger happens to be on the anniversary of his death.  Nineteen years ago, where did that time go!  But nice to know its therefore been that long since a death in F1.

Force India were the team testing today and we happened to arrive when they were on a break. 

So we grabbed a little snack and sat on the grass to watch the stream of aeroplanes that were taking off and landing.

With not too many people about it, and the sun beating on our faces, I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon!

Judging by Alfie running round going "mmmmmm, boom" I think he was pretty impressed.  I'm sure he's gonna be cheering on the orange car now too!



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